All our hustling honies will lust over our most coveted lash design appropriately named Hustler. Wispy and airy, yet thick and fluffy in all the right places. Now take us to the money.


Level of Lash: Heavy

Measurements: 27 MM


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  • These lashes have been assembled by hand out of real mink hair that was gathered cruelty-free. Imported to the United States, these are some of the finest quality eyelashes available on the international market today. We strive to bring you the best of what beauty has to offer for the most reasonable pricing.

  • This lash style can be worn up to 30 times when handled with care. Proper care includes wearing minimal mascara, if any, when using the lashes. You may need to cut the lashes to fit per your unique eye size prior to wearing, always cut from the outer edge. To remove the lashes, carefully loosen them from the inner corners; never pull them off. Be sure to use a clean mascara wand to reduce mascara build-up and clean tweezers to remove glue residue. Store them in the original, or similar, packaging until your next wear.