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More About All Those Lashes

All Those Lashes is a small, woman-owned business that was founded in 2020 and has been serving looks worldwide ever since! More than just your average lash brand, we aim to elevate your everyday lash-shopping experience. Our goal is to only offer the best of the best quality lashes and trendiest accessories to our amazing customers. Our beautiful lashes can be compared to some of the biggest names in the game for just a fraction of their price! We specialize in real mink lashes and import the hottest styles secured in the most luxurious packaging, ready for you to enjoy. Our mission is to bring these high quality products to the rest of the world at affordable rates. We do this through our reasonable pricing, our generous rewards program, and our many subscription packages. Also, we offer free shipping options for U.S. based orders. Lastly, we pledge to give back a portion from each purchase made. So you can feel good not only when you wear All Those Lashes, but also when you buy them! See below for some of the causes we donate to.

Causes We Donate A Portion of Our Profits To Annually*

  • Black Lives Matter and other causes that bring awareness to systemic racism and fight for racial justice

  • Homelessness across America, including work in prevention of and procurement of resources for shelters

  • Pro-choice and other causes supporting reproductive justice for all genders

  • Domestic, sexual, and other forms of violence or abuse support for women, children and families

  • Musical, athletic, and other educational opportunities for children and youth from under privileged areas

*This list includes, but is not limited to causes that we support. 





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